Reform is NOT Possible


It has been said that what a person believes is based on three things. They are: 1) what a person hears first, 2) what a person hears most and 3) what a person hears from what they believe to be a reliable source. our worldview and concept of nationhood has been formed and continues to be refined by sources we believe to be reliable. Those sources have an agenda that is counter that of our Founding Fathers. Some of those sources include the so-called superstars of talk radio and television.

You know their names. Many of them may preach limited government and may even pay lip service to States’ Rights but when it comes right down to it, their American nationalist agenda causes us all to suffer under an unbearable union with other people who want to subjugate us Southerners and the Union with socialism. They do this because they have to please listeners from Florida to Alaska, from Maine to Hawaii. They are patriots for profit and their listeners are their meal ticket. They’re sort of like preachers in a mega church who have to tickle the ears of their congregation rather than tell them the hard truth. If they told the truth their church would shrink and so would the offerings. They’re trying to please people of divergent interests and make them believe that all their interests are the same. These people are American nationalist entertainers first and foremost and have no love for you as Southerners, your culture, your history or your institutions.

Unfortunately, we Southerners aid and abet these pundits every day. How do we do this? We do this with our own language. We refer to ourselves as “The American People”, instead of Floridians, or Georgians or even “Citizens of the States”. We do this by using the words “Country”, “Nation” and “America”.

We might use the more correct term of “Union” to describe this North American experiment but even then, it’s a crime against language and just law to refer to our current state of political affairs as a “union”. Union necessarily implies free consent; therefore, calling the current united States a ‘union’ is as much a sham as calling a shotgun wedding ceremony a marriage.

So-called conservatives boldly stress the individual rather than a group mentality and that’s as it should be. However, when it comes to the individual states of this union, individualism is lost and the politically correct group attitude is encouraged above all else.

Everyone today sees a problem. Every one of us knows that we must do something, but what? What we’ve been doing for the last 146 years has utterly failed. If you don’t believe this, just look at who’s sitting in the White House and in the Congress.
So, rather than continuing to play this loosing game, we present the only strategy left available to salvage the last vestiges of independence handed down to us by our revolutionary and Southern forefathers.

But before we discuss this strategy, you have to comprehend who we Southerners are.
We are a separate and distinct people from those of the North and West and the aliens with which we are forced to share our land. Self-rule under our own laws is the only answer to the current political, economic, social and cultural nightmare that began in 1865 and continues to emanate from Washington, D.C.

We are a people – a people that believe that Southern culture is distinct from, and in opposition to, the corrupt mainstream culture. Therefore, we stand for our own sublime cultural inheritance and seek to separate ourselves from the cultural rot that currently is called modern American culture.

We are a people that still reveres the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledges its supremacy over man-made laws and opinions; that our Christian faith provides the surest means of securing the welfare of all mankind.

We believe our strongest and most enduring earthly affections and allegiances are to those people and places closest to us – family, friends, neighbors, villages, towns, cities, counties, and States. Conversely, our weakest attachments are to far-off abstractions such as “the nation,” “the environment,” or the “global community.

At one time, we were content to live—a separate people with our own language, culture, and ways—in union with them as long as they left us alone. All we ever asked was to be left alone. But they didn’t leave us alone, and they never will. They will never stop until they have erased every vestige of our Christianity, our South, and our Southernness from our land and our children, or until we have our own, separate country.

Within the land known as the United States we have two separate and distinct people. Though we speak the same language, worship the same God and share the same history there are more things that divide us than unite us. This difference between our people, our beliefs, our culture and our politics is easily discernible from those of the North and West, politically portrayed today as Blue States.

What then, do we want? We don’t just want a “better deal.” We want out. We want our own nation; a nation obedient to God. We want ordered liberty, not license. We want our own nation, because we are our own people. And as freedom loving Southerners, you should want this, too. Straight to the point, interposition, nullification and finally separation have become necessary for freedom.

This one fact is crystal clear: Federal reform is no longer a viable option.

Appealing to likes of Ron Paul, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney and a host of other so-called conservatives to save us is no more than a fool’s errand at best.

While the peoples’ initiative to attempt to “reform” the system and return to the principles of our Founding Fathers and constitutional law is admirable, it is painfully clear that after many generations using valuable time moaning, groaning, fussing and complaining about the leaders in Washington D.C., even electing so-called conservatives here and there, reform is just not possible. It cannot be done at this stage in the game.
Texas Representative Ron Paul, the revered Southern politician and candidate for President of the United States government has recently concluded a television ad with these powerful words: “Ron Paul: The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. Ron Paul: The one who can beat Obama – and restore America now.” Dr. Paul wants this to be true; we all want this to be true. But just how accurate is this possibility? Think for a moment. 145 years of history will most certainly deny these noble goals.

Consider if you will, the oft-revered 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Even though this founding principle will celebrate its 220th birthday this year, and was recently reasserted in as many as 14 of the several states, the content of this extraordinary rule has been ignored again and again by the central government it was meant to hold accountable to the states and to the people. This Amendment will only work only if a State seriously invokes the doctrines of interposition and nullification.
To achieve true liberty and independence, self-rule under our own laws is the only answer to the current political, economic, social and cultural nightmare that continues to emanate from Washington, D.C. At some point, a State must act upon the freedom to be gained at the cost of the sacrifice to be initially made. This is that time.

Pleading our case to the Enemy is fruitless, regardless of the venue. They have not listened and they will not listen! Just consider the rhetoric of political discourse every two-year election cycle. Those elected in the prior term are always responsible for the current crises and so the cry is out. “Just elect John Q Conservative and he will redeem us.” Of course in two years, when we’re no closer to, “Constitutional Liberty”, poor ‘ole John Q will be the goat. The people are addicted to political Whack-A-Mole, and it’s very contagious. For decades it’s been spreading throughout the land, right, before your very eyes.

We Southerners have to have our heads firmly planted in the sand not to know by now (and for the umpteenth hundred time) that the federal empire *CANNOT* be reformed.

One hundred fifty years ago, in describing the federal government, former United States Senator and Confederate States President Jefferson Davis addressed the Southern Congress with these words, “An organization created by the States to secure the blessings of liberty and independence against foreign aggression, has been gradually perverted into a machine for their control of their domestic affairs. The creature has been exalted above its creators; the principals have been made subordinate to the agent appointed by themselves.”.

That was one hundred fifty years ago. And today, in 2011, a century and a half later, we can all agree that the creator is still under the foot of the creature with no end in sight. Yet you continue to hear reputable men and women tell us they believe the best course of action is to, “work within the system”, and elect conservatives to “Take Back Our Country”, (whatever that means), and recover our freedom. And yet, they ask you to do this impossible task within the current union of over 300 million people covering almost 4 million square miles.

We know that all too often, a battered spouse will stay in a marriage because of a misdirected sense of love and loyalty, holding on to the false premise that a different approach and better conduct toward the batterer will surely stop the abuse and save the relationship. And in the case of this union, when hearing our continued cries for reconciliation, the federals only continue to play the abusive role again and again, and beat and abuse the battered spouse with renewed invigoration.

Here are but a few reasons why the federal government cannot be reformed
The United States Constitution, for all practical purposes, is irrelevant because it can mean anything a federal judge or a politician says it means.

While the Constitution of 1789 was an epochal exercise of skillful statecraft, it failed in 1860 after only 71 years. It was intended to, “form a more perfect union,” but that union failed. Those pocket Constitutions we’re so fond of promoting, with their illegal Reconstructive Amendments are truly foreign to our forefathers of 1787.

Not only has the Constitution failed at the national level, but also at the individual level. The common law rights, which the federal Bill of Rights aimed to protect, have been eroded or abrogated, and what rights remain live on in mortal peril. Our efforts at liberty, freedom and self-rule are stymied at every turn by federal legislation, regulation and politically correct commandments.

And so, the federal government that our Fathers gave us has been so utterly perverted that it is totally unaccountable to the states and their citizens and no mechanism exists for checking it. Presidents now rule, not govern, through Cabinet Departments, High Level political “Czars” and Executive Orders. Will this change if only the “right” candidate is elected?

The ballot box has been compromised and no longer offers the prospect of meaningful change.

Even if the election process had not been compromised, no real choice exists as long as the two major parties are in control and in competition with each other. Yes, they are in competition with each other! Their only goal, to borrow a phrase from a popular TV reality show, is to out play, out wit and out last the competition for power over you, the citizen.

Third party ballot access is almost impossible to achieve and maintain.

Voters in large blocs, especially those who profit from the policies of the current regime–legal and illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, minority interest groups, and others who benefit from public spending–have a vested interest in legislating toward their exclusive wants or at the very least, preserving the status quo in their favor.

Major media outlets, the ‘fourth branch of government’, control the flow of information and allow no real expression of dissent.

The people are afraid of losing their tenuous hold on prosperity and personal peace by ‘rocking the boat’.

The USA Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security have undermined the Bill of Rights in the name of national security and provide the blueprint for a police state in this Union. Dissent is squelched through labeling it ‘terrorism’.

Huge annual federal deficits and the accumulated national debt have mortgaged the wealth of future generations and will have to be repudiated.

The Left took the offensive at least fifty years ago and has held it, and the momentum, ever since.

Very serious problems of scale exist. With only one representative in the House of Representatives to approximately 580,000 citizens and no representation of the States in the Senate, (due to the 17th Amendment), the people would be justified in saying, ‘No taxation without representation’. That gives each of us .00017% representation in Washington City.

The point is, that even though many so-called “Conservative” Republicans were recently elected to the Congress and our State Houses, we’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, as they say.

The problem today is that the federal system is broken on such a scale that we can’t put it back together one piece at a time. There are too many powers outside our homeland, the South, that prevent us from exchanging individual broken pieces of the jigsaw puzzle for new ones. It has to be a clean sweep. It took us 146 years to get to the current level of crisis we are in now and we don’t have another 146 years to get things back in order. In fact, the last 146 years have proven that the political techniques we have used to attempt to “save the country” or “restore the Republic” have been dismal failures.

After generations of voting for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, petitioning a deaf and unresponsive federal government, marching, shouting, sign carrying, flag waving and pretty speeches we have not returned one step closer to the Constitutional Union of states handed down to us by our forefathers. We have only stepped further away while playing the game in a rigged system. This has happened largely because ignorance, fear and that self-protecting tendency to stay within the boundaries of the political “safe zone” keeps us from daring to step out of the political box.

More importantly, nearly every election map since 1860 has shown a distinct divide between what we now call today the Red States and Blue States. We have two different people on this continent with different ideas on cultural, social, economic and political goals and never the two shall meet. Never! It is just as criminal to attempt to impose our unwelcome values and goals on the socialist/Communist Blue States as has been for them to do to us these last 146 years.

To protect ourselves and return liberty and freedom to our beloved Southland, we must chart a different course and make an impassioned appeal for her sovereignty and to our state legislatures to protect us from the oppression of D.C.

With this in mind, we MUST now concentrate ALL our efforts toward that appeal. So, rather than using valuable time complaining about the Empire, placing all our political eggs in the same “conservative” basket and asking our citizens to depend on 535 (mostly) total strangers in Washington City for our fate, our resources should be expended in pressing our state lawmakers and all candidates for legislative office to pass and uphold legislation favourable to our Southern culture and to the sovereignty of our States. This must be our chief principle of action. All our efforts must be tested against this question: Does it aid our quest for independence? If not, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that.
We cannot and have no right to “save” that, which does not wish to be saved in Washington, DC and the socialist Blue States. We must save our people and the land in which we live; The Southland.

It has been said, “If you’re not free to leave, then you’re not free”. You really want freedom? You really want liberty? You say you do. Then don’t be afraid to stand up for independence! Your independence.

Furthermore, everyone must withhold his allegiance to, and support of the American Empire. Now is the time to transfer your political loyalty to the Southern National Congress. The Congress is a deliberative body, designed to provide Southerners with a forum to voice their authentic concerns regarding the South’s continued cultural life, prosperity, and distinctive existence. The Southern National Congress provides a means of expressing Southern goals, grievances, and solutions, in an open manner not presently existing anywhere else in the public sphere. This Southern institution is the only political body, which represents the interests and needs of the Southern people.

For information about the Southern National Congress, visit the website

Everyone is encouraged to begin this journey to independence immediately by seceding from the Empire on a personal and daily level. This is called, “Abjuring the Realm”, and it can take many forms based on your level of commitment and courage.

Remove your children from government schools and home school them or place them in private Christian schools.

>Buy only Southern made products and make or improvise products you can’t find made in the South. This will do wonders for our Southern economy.

Become a vocal critic of the Empire and admonish all who continue to come to the emotional rescue of the dying Beast every time it suffers a setback. This is called “delegitimating” the Empire.

As a Southerner, make the promotion of Southern independence a daily activity in your lives. You must withhold all that the Empire demands of you. You must withhold your children from their endless foreign wars. You must withhold your labor and the fruits of that labor. You must withhold your wasted patriotism.

The League of the South constantly lobbies our Southern State Houses to resist Federal oppression through legitimate interposition and nullification, to regain our sovereignty and your independence. The League provides education through forums, seminars, conferences and the like to instruct our people in a frank view of our history and that of the American Republic. We are making progress, but much more needs to be done and many resources are needed.

If you recognize that freedom and independence are worthy goals for the States of the South; if you are tired of pulling the lever for what you call a conservative political reformer only to face disappointment for your efforts, then consider stepping out of the political box and joining the League of the South. Help us fight for your liberty now!